0.9.3 Released!

As always you can find the patchnotes and download in the forum.

Thank you all for your support, we hope you’ll like this patch. :)



Contact form information

Hey folks,

we had a problem with our contact form but it’s working now again without problems. If you’ve used the form in the last months please use the form again, this time the emails will arrive and be answered ASAP.



Apart from this I hope you all will like the next patch and the scenes it includes.

Welcome to Roundscape-Adorevia.com

Hello everyone,

as you can see our website has changed. We’ve changed almost the complete design of our website. This was the first step to a more extensive website.

In the near future we’re going to add several new features to this site and we’re going to explain the lore and the game for those who are new to the world of Adorevia.

One of those features would be a Roundscape Wiki in which all users with beta access can see detailed informations and even change/publish their own articles.
Thank you for your time and support


– The roundscape team